A downloadable game

Hello this is the baldis basic mod menu (full demo not learning one) 

So yea download the mod menu here:

http://www.mediafire.com/folder/mbpgr5cklm65i/baldis_basic_demo_modmenu_1.2.6_se...  (idk how to upload files here on itch.io sorry only medafire)

So yea download it :)


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Wtf! Do you mean by "full demo game"?

Edit: change the name


I made super slow edition android coming soon

BBFGPD? [Full game public demo?]

I call it I want

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How Do you Open the mod menu

Intell you say it i will just push buttons

until* and tab 

Dosen't work.

wrong button :( 

Also did you copy the mod menu to full game demo

I did it was more of mix

What is the right button then? I pressed tab

Well I never coded that I'll code it in a update sorry